St. Bursouma's Orthodox Church, Attuva is one of the oldest Churches established in the year A.D 1912, in the name of Patron Saint Bursouma,the most sorrowful, distinctive hermit and the son of lent, is a refuge for all the believers, irrespective of caste, creed and religion. The Church is located at Attuva, in between Mavelikara & Pandalam ( ie. approx. 13 Km away from Mavelikara and 5 Km from Pandalam).

The Church is known as 'Attuva Palli (church)'. This is one and the only Malankara Orthodox Church established in the name of St. Bursouma, under the diocese of Chengannur.

Now, the Church is in the glory of its gracious centenary celebration. By the grace of St. Bursouma, the Church has grown to the zenith both in spiritual and material aspects. As a part of the centenary celebration, several programmes are being organised which will last for the whole year.

The programme of the celebrations including various charitable activities, study classes, medical camps, family amend meditations, family reunion etc. has started on 3rd February 2011. The inauguration of the programme has been carried out by H.H. Mathews Mar Timothios.