St. Bursoumas Orthodox Church, Attuva under the diocese of Chengannur is in the glory of gracious centenary. The Church known as Attuva Church was established and named after St. Bursoumas the most sorrowful, the distinctive hermit and the son of lent is a refuge for all mob irrespective of caste and religion.

The Church is established in the year 1912 and by the abet of St. Bursoumas, the Church has grown to the zenith both in spiritual and material aspects. As a part of centenary celebrations several action plans are organized which last for the whole year. It started on 2011 February 3rd with the inauguration by H.H. Mathews Mar Timothiose and programs included charitable activities, study classes, medical camps, family amend meditations, family reunion etc.

His Excellency the Catholicose of East, H.H. Thomas Mar Athanasius, the metropolitan of Chengannur Diocese, other religious leaders, social, political and cultural leaders gives their valuable suggestions and guidance for organizing these programs. It's a pride to welcome you and family on the auspicious closing ceremony on 2011 February 5.

Let us praise the Lord for the virtues He has given us. May this opportunity bless and help all of us to unite with family and friends. Here by invite all of you to make the centenary celebrations a historical event.

With love Vicar,
Rev. C.K. Geevarghese